1. Live Show Profile
-  Combines video, audio and still photographs of your live show to create the feeling of what it is like to be present at your live show. We focus on a variety of angles and capture the most important moments of your performance.

2. Band Profile
- These projects go a bit deeper. We document your band not only in live situations, but also at rehearsals, recording studios and all other important scenarios that contribute to telling your story. We will interview all members of the band and use a variety of clips that highlight the most important details of each individual and the music you play.

3. Artist Profile
- An artist profile will capture your ambition, talents and goals you have for your artwork. We will spend significant time working with you to capture the most authentic moments that happen while you create, and try to answer the question of why you create. Normally, the interviews will drive the storyline of the profile, so we are very thorough when talking with you to find out why you are driven towards music and art.

4. Live Show Trailer
- You need to promote your show right? Think of our trailers as a virtual poster that can show your fans in less than a minute how awesome your show is. For these projects we collaborate with you to develop the most creative idea to draw attention to your show.

5. Album Trailer
- Completing an album is no easy task. Promoting it can be even more difficult.  We are excited to bring to life the imagery that your album expresses. An album trailer will give your fans a better understanding of what your latest album is all about, and keep them up-to-date with your band as a whole.

6. Music Videos
- This is where we throw as many ideas on the table and get as creative as we want. We love to collaborate. Together we can create a piece that expresses your music and vision combined with our unique visual perspective and ideas.

7. Portrait Session
- Capture your images through a creative and fresh photo shoot with the Photo Roadies. Portraits are a great way to enhance your electronic press kit and keep your fans updated.

8. Live Show Photography
- Onstage, backstage, in the mosh pit or the balcony, we explore every possible angle of your concert. Every show is different, and we respond to the unique atmosphere that your band, your fans and the venue create with a visual style to match it. We are sure to give you the good moments, big and small, for you to use how you like.

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